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Traffic Power / Elite-WebDesigns

By admin | July 6, 2007

icon for podpress  Traffic Power At it Again [5:09m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

Remember Traffic Power and Matt Marlon? A lot of us will never forget and neither will our wallets.

Now don’t get me wrong I used to LOVE working there when we where doing things legit and REALLY delivering what we sold. Then things seemed to take a turn for the worse and it seems that the owner got a little greedy. Too bad .. we had a good thing going there that would have withstood the test of time I am sure .. the programmers that Matt had working for him where some of the best on the Planet.

Fronted by an awesome sales team .. he had the World in the palm of his hand when it came to SEO. And then .. Black Hat SEO came into play. Maybe it was always a little borderline .. but it got pretty bad there at the end.

I got a message from a friend today letting me know that the company Traffic Power, formerly Top Rank Consulting, formerly, formerly ….

And now Wow what a transformation in only a short time. Each one of these names represents a time that they had to change their name because they got caught taking money and not doing the work. Or just wanted to take more money from the same clients under a different name.

Anyway .. here is a podcast that contains the proof that they are still taking money from people, under yet another name.

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One Response to “Traffic Power / Elite-WebDesigns”

  1. My Ex-Boss Matt Marlon FINALLY got BUSTED : Erns World Says:
    January 3rd, 2008 at 9:27 pm

    [...] By Humans | January 2, 2008 Matt Marlon or whatever name he is going by these days, it was Matt Marlon when he was running Traffic Power, is in jail tonight for screwing people out of their homes. The news read that he was finding people through the internet that had distressed homes (homes going into foreclosure) and would go to their house with fake paperwork and get them to sell him their home with the promise that he would get them out of trouble with the banks. HA .. now there are plenty of people that do this the right way and don’t have any intention of screwing you out of your home but Matt Marlon is not one of those honest people. I wonder if Mariann Poling is still in cahoots with Matt Marlon? Back in July of 2007 she was still collecting credit card numbers for his fake search engine placement company. You can hear that phone call HERE! [...]