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By admin | July 21, 2007

Have you ever had one of those readings form a Psychic online? Well we had a FREE 10 minute reading and this is how the reading went. We called and got a Psychic on the phone for exactly 2 Minutes then we where disconnected. We called the number back and entered the “FREE CODE” again for get the rest of the reading, 8 Minutes, and this is how we spent the next 12 Minutes on the phone with Customer Service from

Customer Service …. You need to call customer service to activate your FREE READING ….

US …. OK

Customer Service …. We don’t deal with the free stuff .. when there is a promotion .. we only deal with paying customers …

US …. WTF???

Craig I don’t know what you got going on over there. Wasn’t this supposed to be a promotion? Not too good from a promotional aspect. Have a chat with the Customer Service and let them know whats going on if the line is going to automatically transfer people to Customer Service if there is a problem. Maybe?? … FREE 10 Minute Reading 2 Minutes???

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