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Just Testing Out the Mics

By admin | July 22, 2007

WARNING This material contains bad words and cussing, so if you are weak at heart look away! 
So we were playing around with the configuration of the Mixer to iMAC last night. For some reason the microphones have to be turned WAY up for the iMAC to hear them. Either that or you have to yell into the microphones and be right on top of them.We also wanted to try out one of the GarageBand intro/outro jingles. Come to find out it didn’t sound half bad with the music in there.The audio recording didn’t end up being as long as I thought could have been reached, but we got one that sounds pretty good none the less. And no sound effects yet. Thats just too radio maybe. That’s what Fancy says anyway so we’ll go with it for a bit and see what happens.A really good idea did arise from last nights events. I want to go out to Las Vegas Businesses and rate their service. Via podcast. A real users experience. Live! I’m sure there is a million places that give you reviews of Las Vegas in some form of wording or TV commercial .. but can you go to the web and listen to a person give their honest opinion about a business, whether good or bad? Nope! So thats one thing I want to do. With like hidden mics and cameras eventually.Like a Secret Shopper.

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