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Blog TV Last Night 139 Viewers

By admin | August 30, 2007

Register on BlogTV and get subscribed to our show. You can see the Coffee and Beer Girls every week or maybe every day if we get enough subscriptions. Check out the advice these crazy girls are giving out.

We hope that you love the show … it’s nuts.

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Friday Night .. Madness

By admin | August 25, 2007

We did a little show for you guys this week and here it is. Adrienne stopped by and had a little something to say .. Kraig didn’t want to edit this one so he talked a lot more with less pausing. Bastard. But good job.

We wanted to make some calls this week but things didn’t work out that way. Just some good old fashion Coffee and Beer Chat Chit. Oh and since we didn’t mention it in the podcast let me be the first to say …. Chad is Gay, Just kidding hes not gay but it’s damn good funny. For Sure!

Enjoy this show cause it’s the las one until the Video Premiere which is scheduled for the 31st of this month but may be pushed back just a bit due to the fact that we have to edit out all the nudity and cover up some faces of bitches that changed their minds half way through. Don’t worry … the Coffee and Beer out takes will be available on the site in DVD form soon enough and you can get them for about $14.99 plus $4.95 shipping. Maybe sooner than you think. We have a ton of footage to go through so stay tuned.

We will see you in Three and Three … hey thats a 6 pack. Coffee and Beer

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Another Great Show

By admin | August 22, 2007

This actually was recorded around August 18thish!!

We had our good friends on the show Julie and Mike. They were getting ready for a night out with Lisa .. HOT Lisa from California. She was in town for a bit and ready to get loose for a night out on the Vegas City. Watch out Vegas you aint seen nothing like Lisa and Julie .. the Deadly Duo.

We had to cut this one a little short for technical reasons. Sorry about that. We are trying to get the show live and recorded at the same time so no one misses it …. EVER. We got hooked up with a couple sites that do live radio show hosting and we are going to be getting at least the audio of the show up on there soon as we can. The video we are still looking for a good hosting situation for so that we don’t have to stick them on YouTube and wait a minute for approval. We want our host to hook us up but they don’t offer anything like what we are looking for.

Thanks everyone who ANSWERED their phones during the last few days and got a piece of the show under their belt. We are still going to be calling you guys so look out for that Undeliverable, 0000123456, Unknown or otherwise not available number to be popping up on your phones. Thats us so PICK UP.

Thanks to Kraig we have to wait a year to edit the shows now because he thinks that there are not enough dead spots in the audio. ... .WTF are you talking about? Just kidding .. but Kraig will be editing the audio shows from now on with a little help from Ern so we will see whats crackin with Kraigs mad skills.

Maybe we can make a deal with him .. he does the audio and Ern can do the video .. that will free up some time to create more shows. Don’t forget to congratulate The K Man on the upcoming birth of his first baby boy .. Little K Rock Jr.

icon for podpress  Another Great Show [14:57m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

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Nina And Adrienne

By admin | August 15, 2007

Sometimes you have to ask yourself … does age really matter as long as they are over 18? Well I guess some people have their reasons for hating on the younger generation. There was a little tension in the studio with Adrienne our permanent party, and Nina the interviewee.

Luckily the record button was on and we got a little taste for you. The Coffee and Beer Show is still looking for the next CO-Host for the show and we have been meeting some great people. Everyone that has tried out so far has made each interview and each decision to let someone new into the show a real adventure.

You can not imagine how hard this is to pick the best of the best for the show. we have made some cool new friends along the way and we want to share them with you. I’m pretty sure that with all this talent coming into the Coffee and Beer Show Auditions that the best plan of action is to let YOU the audience decide who you want to see and hear on the coming shows.

So the videos are up on YouTube and you can comment on your favorite pick for who you would like to see join the Coffee and Beer Team. You can vote for Adrienne and she might show you some boobage .. or you can vote for Nina, a smokin hot MILF who we can’t get enough of here on the show.

Either way we will listen to your votes and cast the hottie that you choose. Check out their videos and let us know by commenting on your favorite one. every vote counts and I got to tell you .. their is someone who is well ahead thanks to someone named kraig702 who cast his vote last night. Insane! Check it out and don’t forget to ANSWER YOUR PHONE, if you see 0000123456 calling your phone PICK IT UP it’s the Coffee and Beer Show and it’s TIIIIIIIIME for Coffee and Beer.

icon for podpress  Nina and Adrienne Kill It [22:32m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

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Interview #2

By admin | August 11, 2007

What the FISUCK …. is going on with Coffee and Beer? Why can’t we get any normal people in here. These are some chicks that damn we are not sure if you guys are going to love them but your votes count. You .. our audience … are going to be the deciding votes on who we keep in the show and who we kick to the curb.

Beverly Hills Meets New Jersey in Las Vegas …. to say that these girls are best friends is a serious miss statement. One definitely overpowered the other. We liked to see these girls and lets just say that these are the first ones that where open to physical interrogation. We respectfully talk with everyone that applies to the show no matter how classy or un-classy they are, we are always impartial to the people that come one the show to tryout for the spot of co-host.

We are not here to judge the contestants .. that is for you the audience to decide. Just a quick reminder, or actually this might be a new twist to the contest, we’re going to put the “Vote For Me” videos on YouTube. Check out the Link the Planet Videos on YouTube and let us know who your pick is for the next Coffee and Beer Co-Host. The video with the most hits/views will be the winner and will get to Host the whole show for one episode. That means that the winner will be calling the shots, and hopefully passing them out.

Good luck girls and don’t forget to tell everyone you know to watch your video on YouTube … the more they watch the better chance you have of being the winner of this little contest.

Go Vote for Heather-Nicol and Laura Lynn Leave your Comments so we know who to pick!!

icon for podpress  Heather-Nicol and Laura [30:59m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

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Interview … Contestant #1

By admin | August 7, 2007

Adrienne was the first girl that we interviewed for the Co Host position here on the Coffee and Beer Show. She happened to bring her friend Lindsay and man where they smokin.

The first one that we interview and we really like her style … bringing a friend that is hot is always a bonus with the Coffee and Beer Show. We know out listeners are going to love Adrienne and her cool style and way with words. We have not met any of the other contestants yet but we think we are good with this one. Shes young and energetic and I am sure once we all sit down and get to know each other we will all be able to put on a great show for you.

The Coffee and Beer Show is all about waking up in the morning and finishing the day right …. What better way to finish off the day then with a hot chick and a cold beer.

So sit back relax and listen to this one .. welcome Adrienne.

icon for podpress  Interview for a Co Host [27:32m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

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Strippers Part 2

By admin | August 6, 2007

Marshmallow and Honey wanted to stop by with Eric and get some air time …. we love to have them … Eric was such a fat guy and he really needed our help. We hooked him up with Marshmallow and apparently they went to the PussyCat Club and picked up a friend of Marshmallows.

WOW … she was a little hottie …Honey was so much fun .. we all had a great time Vegas style. You would not believe the bodies on these girls. Marshmallow was really having a great time with Eric … Unbelievable that the Coffee and Beer Show has made a love connection on the first try.

When we get the rest of the girls from the club in here we will defiantly have to podcast that for you all. To all our listeners and devoted fans … you have got to come by the studio some time and see the video ..

We are not going to put this one up on the web so … get in on the invite. Personal invites are welcome .. if you didn’t get one … sorry .. maybe next time.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas …. Your Vegas is showing!

icon for podpress  Part 2 with Marshmallow and Honey [16:25m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

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Ok … Strippers .. Need we say more?

By admin | August 5, 2007

So we got this fat kid to come into the studio .. Eric was the winner of the Coffee And Beer Shows first ever contest. We wanted to help out someone in the community and give a little back to our fans … and that is just what we did. Coffee and Beer … minus Beer on this one .. put out a calling for certain requirements of someone that could be on the show. We don’t let just anyone on the show and Eric had the best story.

We were looking for someone that was a virgin and had a hard time getting to meet any special women .. we found Eric. We wanted to have someone who was not really a ladies men and we wanted to help them find someone that would be interested in them just for their personality … Eric was our man. 400+ pounds of virgin man love … Eric we hope you enjoyed Marshmallow she was not easy to reach and even harder to find with a day off. This is one busy stripper

Thanks to everyone who participated in teh Coffee and Beer Contest for most ridiculous life ever. We will be contacting you all and making all your dreams come true …. just give us some time to make some money so we can send you out in style.

It’s Tiiiiiime for Coffee and Beer … yeah

icon for podpress  Dreams DO come true [9:38m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

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PodCast The Planet

By admin | July 26, 2007

We are NUTS. So we decided to do a Wednesday PodCast. I don’t know why but the PodCast turned out ok. You will get to hear the vocal stylings of Mr. K Raig, and the mad ramblings of Ern.

I can’t really say what we are talking about but the entertainment is there.If you follow these PodCasts you will find out about a promotion we are running. We are giving away something but you will have to listen to the recordings to find out what that is because we just can’t type it here.

We are looking for new inspiration from another source and we are looking for people to reach out and show us that there are humane people left in this crazy world. It is a Crazy Ol World Idnit?

If you have any requests or want to find out more about the special promotion we are going to be running .. find out first by emailing us and asking the tough questions. We are ready to take on all comers so make the questions good.

As always .. Thanks for listening and have a great day Linking the Planet. 

This PodCast brought to you by the Coffee and Beer show. 

icon for podpress  Coffee and Beer Show Episode #2 [14:31m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

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Just Testing Out the Mics

By admin | July 22, 2007

WARNING This material contains bad words and cussing, so if you are weak at heart look away! 
So we were playing around with the configuration of the Mixer to iMAC last night. For some reason the microphones have to be turned WAY up for the iMAC to hear them. Either that or you have to yell into the microphones and be right on top of them.We also wanted to try out one of the GarageBand intro/outro jingles. Come to find out it didn’t sound half bad with the music in there.The audio recording didn’t end up being as long as I thought could have been reached, but we got one that sounds pretty good none the less. And no sound effects yet. Thats just too radio maybe. That’s what Fancy says anyway so we’ll go with it for a bit and see what happens.A really good idea did arise from last nights events. I want to go out to Las Vegas Businesses and rate their service. Via podcast. A real users experience. Live! I’m sure there is a million places that give you reviews of Las Vegas in some form of wording or TV commercial .. but can you go to the web and listen to a person give their honest opinion about a business, whether good or bad? Nope! So thats one thing I want to do. With like hidden mics and cameras eventually.Like a Secret Shopper.

icon for podpress  Saturday Idea Fest 2007 [16:46m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

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By admin | July 21, 2007

Have you ever had one of those readings form a Psychic online? Well we had a FREE 10 minute reading and this is how the reading went. We called and got a Psychic on the phone for exactly 2 Minutes then we where disconnected. We called the number back and entered the “FREE CODE” again for get the rest of the reading, 8 Minutes, and this is how we spent the next 12 Minutes on the phone with Customer Service from

Customer Service …. You need to call customer service to activate your FREE READING ….

US …. OK

Customer Service …. We don’t deal with the free stuff .. when there is a promotion .. we only deal with paying customers …

US …. WTF???

Craig I don’t know what you got going on over there. Wasn’t this supposed to be a promotion? Not too good from a promotional aspect. Have a chat with the Customer Service and let them know whats going on if the line is going to automatically transfer people to Customer Service if there is a problem. Maybe?? … FREE 10 Minute Reading 2 Minutes???

icon for podpress [9:26m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

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Kwik-E-Mart Henderson

By admin | July 9, 2007

There is a Kwik-E-Mart in Henderson Nevada .. The same city where they built the Simpson house a few years back. We went there to get some video the other day and here it is ….

There where so many people there it was insane. Everyone there to see the Simpson’s Schwag and get their hands on some memorabilia. They are really only carrying a few things from the movie, the rest of the store is just a regular 7-eleven. What they did was to convert a 7-eleven into a Kwik-E-Mart to promote the upcoming Simpson’s Movie.What a great marketing strategy. There where people packed in there like rats trying to get even one can of Buzz Cola or one box of Krusty O’s. We got a few 6 packs and a couple boxes of Krusty O’s for later on down the road. Oh and the recipits for everything that say “Thanks for Shopping at Kwik-E-Mart”

The store is on the corner of Stephanie and Horizon Ridge. You can not miss it .. there will be a huge line out the door and down the street. Get A Map

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Traffic Power / Elite-WebDesigns

By admin | July 6, 2007

icon for podpress  Traffic Power At it Again [5:09m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

Remember Traffic Power and Matt Marlon? A lot of us will never forget and neither will our wallets.

Now don’t get me wrong I used to LOVE working there when we where doing things legit and REALLY delivering what we sold. Then things seemed to take a turn for the worse and it seems that the owner got a little greedy. Too bad .. we had a good thing going there that would have withstood the test of time I am sure .. the programmers that Matt had working for him where some of the best on the Planet.

Fronted by an awesome sales team .. he had the World in the palm of his hand when it came to SEO. And then .. Black Hat SEO came into play. Maybe it was always a little borderline .. but it got pretty bad there at the end.

I got a message from a friend today letting me know that the company Traffic Power, formerly Top Rank Consulting, formerly, formerly ….

And now Wow what a transformation in only a short time. Each one of these names represents a time that they had to change their name because they got caught taking money and not doing the work. Or just wanted to take more money from the same clients under a different name.

Anyway .. here is a podcast that contains the proof that they are still taking money from people, under yet another name.

Also see This, This and This

**** NOTE: **** The views expressed in this post are not necessarily those of the website URL owner as the content of this site is provided by several users and not only that of the sites owner. The website content is a collaboration of several minds and the sites owner can not and will not be held responsible for some or all of its content.

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Welcome to Link The Planets PodCast Blog

By admin | July 6, 2007

Welcome to Link The Planets Blog. This is our first post. We are glad to be PodCast Blogging along with our Search Engine and Forum and Company Blog we have our PodCast Blog.

We will be adding to this blog as the days progress and you will be able to find some current information about what is going on in Link The Planet.

We have created a number of helpful sites that are geared to help everyone who wants to be a part of the internet and all of its search features. We will be upgrading our Search Engine as time progresses and we will post about that here when the time comes. Also check out our Forum for Q & A and if you have any issues with the site or you just want to say hi.

Watch what you say .. the mics are always on …

Thanks for visiting … Have a great day.

LTP Staff

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